Life and Executive Coaching for professional people.

Welcome to Shift Coaching. Whatever mouse clicks brought you here, I hope you find something of value. I am an executive coach and life coach who works with organizations and individual clients looking to make meaningful shifts in important areas of their life or business. This includes leadership development, effectively managing change, increasing personal effectiveness, or improving life/work balance. Importantly, as the web address above suggests, the focus of our coaching is on being real - on being human. Thank you for stopping by - I look forward to meeting you.


Shift Coaching offers a range of leadership development and coaching services to meet your needs. These include:

  • Executive Coaching (new website!)
  • Leadership Training & Team Building (new website!)
  • Life Coaching
  • Please click on your area of interest, or contact me directly to learn more.

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    About Coaching

    So, what does a coach do? The Benefits:

  • Offers you new and unconsidered ideas and perspectives that will inspire new actions and direction.
  • Creates accountability.
  • Works with you to design a plan of action. (“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”)
  • Identifies your self-limiting thoughts & beliefs that you may not even know exist.
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